Kahla’s blog – the secret life of an apprentice ellectrician – includes interviews, art, and essays with a focus on people in the trades. Author and artist of Shop Talk Trade Comics, Kahla is talented and funny!  Check out her blog here!

Kate’s new book, Hammer & Nail, is a collection of stories that provide insight into the real day-to-day joys and challenges women still face while working in trades dominated by men. A staunch supporter of blue collar women visit with Kate here.

Driven by Sue Doro, in it’s 24th year Pride and a Paycheck, is an extraordinary e-mag that delivers news, photos, poetry, and art focused on women working blue collar jobs.  A writer, editor, and machinist, Sue is an amazing soul herself.  Visit Pride here.

The personal legacy project of memorializing lesbian lives by Dianne Barrett and Marge Elfering.  The purpose of the B-E Collection is to record the past and inspire the future.  A beautiful and heartening collection of real lives.  

A blog hosted by activist, author, and tradeswomn, Molly Martin.  “If you don’t know where you come from, you don’t know where you’re going.”  Sister Addie Wyatt  Check out Molly’s new book Wonder woman Electric to the Rescue. 

Wintergreen Studios embodies joyful ways of living in balance with the natural world. Our programs inspire people to live harmoniously, to become more resilient, and to return to their communities nurtured and rejuvenated.

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