Tradeswoman, artist, writer, and teacher Lorrie Potvin, a queerishly two-spirited Métis, is the author of Horses in the Sand – A Memoir  (Spring 2022)

Her first book, First Gear – A Motorcycle Memoir (2015), the essays – My tattoos speak of life and loss (2009) and Why I’m thankful for multiple sclerosis (2009) – The Globe and Mail, were published under her previous surname Jorgensen, as was the short story, The 13th Dock, Writing At Wintergreen (2012), an anthology edited by Helen Humphreys. 

Working and teaching in the trades for over 30 years Potvin holds an Inter-Provincial Red Seal in Auto Body Repair and Refinishing from Algonquin College and a diploma in Technological Education from the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, with additional qualifications in Manufacturing and Special Education. 

In 2022 Lorrie was honoured with an Algonquin College Alumni of Distinction Award and was a nominee for the Premier’s Awards in Apprenticeship.

A proud citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario, Lorrie lives near Perth, creating art made of stone, wood, hide and steel.

" Jorgensen captures the back and forth process we all experience in working through our turmoil. She has nailed the ride."

- Ted Bishop, Literary Review of Canada – April 2016

"Her life story is filled with so much emotion and insight. lt’s a brilliant biker tale. I want to thank her for being so brave. l’m sorry when the story ends but then I realize that it doesn’t. Only the book ends."

- Nancy Irwin, Canadian Biker Magazine – April 2016

"I really felt as if I got to know Lorrie, her wry humour, her skillful story telling and, as the story unfolded, so equally rose my respect and admiration."

– Lisa de Nikolits, author of A Glittering Chaos, The Witchdoctor’s Bones, and The Rage Room

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